5 Easy Tips to Picking Your Office Coffee Service Provider

Since its discovery in Ethiopia in the 9th century, coffee has continued to be a favorite beverage around the globe. The vast number of companies offering office coffee services can confirm this. Coffee can be taken at any time, and those working in offices prefer to sip their coffee while working. When selecting a suitable coffee services provider, here are tips to follow.

Determine what is more important to your office between quality and cost
Various coffee providers offer an array of products ranging from freshly roasted coffee to mega-corporation coffee such as Folgers. Coffee is the second most highly imported commodity from oil. Thus, Local coffee roasters have the ability to provide a substantially better coffee to consumers at a little extra cost. The difference is only a few cents per cup.

Purchasing local coffee has three significant benefits. First, you are supporting your local community. Secondly, you are enabling the growth of farmers who grow specialty coffee and third, you are getting the best product overall.

Get the coffee service company that uses the best equipment
Most office coffee service providers will give you the equipment you require to brew the coffee at no additional costs. Avoid providers who use substandard equipment as this may cost you more regarding money and time in the long run. A faulty machine will cause maintenance and consistency problems. The best coffee in the world might taste mediocre when brewed using the shoddy equipment. Thus, always hire providers who use standard equipment to brew their coffee.

Exceptional service is critical
Everybody wants to receive quality customer service. During your interview with the vendor, inquire how often they clean their carafes, how quickly they respond to requests and how well they manage their inventory. You want a provider who will take care of your needs at all times. A good office service provider should be capable of offering the same high-quality services day after day.

Remember to ask for references
When a service provider has a good reputation, regardless of the area of specialization, they have a trail of satisfied past clients. Thus, a good office coffee service provider should give you references who you can consult to confirm their claims. You can also ask from people within your social circles for providers they can recommend.

There is no need for contracts
A coffee provider who requires you to sign a contract for them to deliver the service may not be a good one. A credible coffee provider knows that they can depend on the strength of their product as well as their exceptional services to maintain an account. Some businesses get stuck in three years or more contracts, yet the service they are receiving is shoddy. Avoid signing a contract, and if you have to, do not let it exceed a year. To learn more, please visit the On The Way Cafe website.

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