6 Amazing Ideas to Extend Your Living Area Innovatively

For those who are looking to expand their living area very innovatively, Royal Decks is a company that can provide your home with many beautiful solutions. From decks to sunrooms to new extensions, here are six innovative ways to extend your living area.

#1. Building A Deck That Works Organically With The Structures Is Key


Being innovative with your living space means many things, but when it comes to a deck, there are so many ways to innovate. Whether it is a large sauna you add, or a unique inlay design or pattern, there are so many ways to make that deck bring out your yard or home.

#2. Have A Tiny House On Your Property

A Tiny House On Your Property

If you want a tiny little cottage on your property as a unique getaway from the main house, it is a very innovative way to make the most of your property. Whether it is used a retreat or a place to meditate, gather with friends on your wooded land that can meld organically with nature, tiny houses can be energy efficient and provide sustainable living.

#3. Adding A Sunroom


A sunroom is an innovative way to add sunlight to bring a bright, airy element to your place. Although there will be a need for blinds, you can utilize light and space. Whether that sunroom will be for entertainment, painting or another relaxing hobby, you can innovate. When it comes to costs of sunrooms, Homeadvisor.com notes that the current rate for a sunroom addition is between 120 to 300 dollars per square foot. It mainly depends on the type, quality, and size of this sunroom addition as to final costs.

#4. Adding A Second Story

Adding A Second Storey

Building vertically, instead of horizontally can bring your innovation. Whether the new story involves a loft, attic, or a full floor, one can bring innovation. Having a spiral staircase or even a modern, “dumb-waiter” for bringing things from your kitchen up to a room is innovative. However, be prepared to pay for the services of two professionals like an engineer and an architect as noted by SFGATE.com.

#5. Building A Treehouse


If you have large sturdy trees, there are ways to bring novelty to your living space. There are many ways to make a modern treehouse with many modern amenities like solar panels, green technology while lessening one’s carbon footprint. Tree houses can be very innovative living spaces for adults to use as a study, relaxation place and more.

#6. Adding Screened-In Porch

Screened-In Porch

Having a screened-in porch is one way to innovate regarding your living area. For living spaces with views of lakes or the Ocean, screened-in porches can help keep the insects out and the very relaxing atmosphere inside, without pests. Adding a large fan for air circulation can help when the temps start to increase.

In conclusion, there are many innovative ways to make your home an extension of your personality, tastes, and consciousness about sustainability, green technology, and the environment. Indeed, the possibilities are truly endless.

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