7 Best Low Maintenance Flowers For Window Boxes

Window boxes are a quick, easy way to brighten up the exterior of your home or apartment. Simply mount them beneath the panes of the windows*, plant some flowers, and watch as your home is enveloped in beautiful blossoms. For people without a green thumb, however, this is easier said than done. Here are seven lower maintenance flowers for window boxes—sure to survive even the least experienced gardeners.

1. Red Verbena Hybrid

Red Verbena Hybrid

This colorful flower can withstand intense heat and summer droughts. They require minimal attention to flourish, making them an ideal choice for beginners. Plus, their beautiful red blossoms attract butterflies! These flowers are available as perennials and annuals, though beginners may want to opt for the perennials. Place them in a sunny location, as they’re more likely to stay healthy if they get about 10 hours of sun per day.

2. Vine Succulents

Vine Succulents

For the effort-averse, you can’t go wrong with vine succulents. These low maintenance plants don’t need to be constantly watered—in fact, they thrive when their soil alternates between dry and wet. They are especially great for arid climates, making them a window box staple of areas like California and Nevada. If you choose a crawling vine succulent, you’ll have leafy vine crawling up the panes of your windows* in no time.

3. Angelonia


The angelonia plant, or summer snapdragon, makes a colorful addition to any window box. These annual flowers come in shades ranging from purple to blue, and they have versatile growing habits. They are tolerant of drought, and they like plenty of sunshine. They usually grow vertically, so expect to look out your window-panes and see a shock of colorful blossoms soon after you plant your angelonias.

4. Cyclamen


If your region has cool temperatures year round, try growing cyclamen in your window boxes. This hardy plant likes environments that are cool and humid, and they require adequate drainage if you want their brightly colored blossoms to last.

5. Impatiens


If you want to install window boxes on every side of your house, you’ll need a few flowers that can grow in the shade. Impatiens are a hearty flower that can flourish in the shadier spots. They’re available in many beautiful colors, and they offer a long bloom. For months after the springtime flowers have faded, impatiens remain a healthy, colorful addition to any flower box.

6. Primulas


Primulas are yet another window box option that require minimal gardening. These multi-colored blossoms can withstand shade, and they don’t need daily watering. If you live in a rainy area, however, be careful, as primulas can die if exposed to too much rain. Make sure your window box has good drainage, and try to install it in a location with some coverage—from panes, awnings, etc.

7. Salvia


The salvia plant—sage—is a great choice for low maintenance gardeners in hot climates. These plants usually flourish in high temperatures and dry climates, and they can grow in direct sunlight or partial shade. Salvia can be grown as an annual or a perennial. Popular annual salvia options include bedding sage and pineapple sage, while popular perennials include autumn sage and hybrid sage.

*stand in for panes windows panes windows

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