7 Tips For Landscaping On A Budget

Budget Landscaping Tip 1: Repurpose Lawn Furniture


Rather than buying expensive outdoor furniture, learn how to repurpose used items such as metal and wood chairs or tables. You can cover these old items with bright paint in an assortment of colors before applying waterproof shellac that protects the furniture from the damages of moisture and insects. Group the repurposed furniture in various areas of your home’s lawns.

Budget Landscaping Tip 2: Make Cement Steppingstones

Stepping stone

It is easy to make cement steppingstones for your home’s lawns by using frames or holders for the wet cement. You can make the steppingstones inside a garage or basement before transferring the items to your lawns, but you can also pour the cement outside directly on the dirt of a lawn. Place the steppingstones in your garden or near a home’s entranceway.

Budget Landscaping Tip 3: Use Crushed Stone On Your Landscaping

Crushed color stones

Look for huge bags of colorful crushed stone to use on your home’s landscaping. You can dump crushed stone next to your home’s foundation to stop weeds from growing or to deter crawling insects. If you have dips on your home’s lawns where it is difficult to mow the grass, then you can spread crushed stone in these areas to create an attractive ambience.

Budget Landscaping Tip 4: Install a Tree Bench

Tree bench

If you have a large tree in your backyard, then build a gorgeous tree bench around the trunk. You can measure the tree’s trunk to buy lumber, or you can buy a ready-made bench at a garden store. To save additional money on a tree bench or kit, wait until autumn when garden stores reduce the price on these items.

Budget Landscaping Tip 5: Plant Flowers Around Trees and Structures

Flower and Trees

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have beautiful flowers in your backyard because packets of seeds are inexpensive. You can use a borrowed shovel to dig up the dirt to plant the flower seeds. Alternatively, you can look for flowerpots and other small containers to fill with dirt so that you can plant your flower seeds.

Budget Landscaping Tip 6: Use Light Strands Outside Your Home

Outdoor Lighting

Create a beautiful ambience outside your home with light strands on the patio, fences and trees. You can install electric or solar light strands to add lighting to a backyard, making it easier to stay outside in the evening to enjoy nature. If you want to reduce the insects in a backyard, then select light strands that have insect repellent bulbs.

Budget Landscaping Tip 7: Build a Deck In Your Backyard


If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then you can build a deck in your backyard with a kit from a store. When you aren’t handy with tools, you can hire the experts from Royal Decks to design and build a unique structure in your backyard where you can have tables, chaises and a grill. You can use your home’s deck most of the year by adding a portable cover to it.

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