Commercial Kitchen Equipment: What is trending?

If you own a cafeteria, restaurant, or hotel your equipment is definitely a big investment. With the cost of such commercial kitchen equipment going into the thousands of dollars, you will it not only want it last but also keep customers flowing. And of course you want to keep yourself updated on what is happening in the kitchen equipment arena. If you want to learn more, you may find more information at Nella Cutlery.

The commercial catering market has never been more competitive. To succeed, you need to be thoroughly professional, personable, reasonably priced and, most importantly, you must have a flare for being uniquely creative in preparing delicious food. Certainly, having at your disposal the latest in terms of equipment will not hurt either.

With focus increasingly turning to reducing carbon footprints and environmental safety, many commercial kitchen owners are now opting for kitchen equipment that is more energy efficient. The modern equipment is being designed with not just efficiency in mind but also to be more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The smart kitchen equipment defining feature is that it must not only provide smarter cooking but also offer an effective means route for saving on resources, time and energy consumption.

Induction Heating

This is the new rage in cooking. Induction heating solutions have practically replaced the conventional burners. This is because they have been designed to deliver the perfect cooking temperature while at the same time minimizing heat waste. It also maintains a very professional look while boosting safety—two qualities that would attract any professional caterer.

Combination Ovens

As profit margins in the catering industry can be quite tight, manufacturers of equipment have designed lots of revolutionary products that have the potential of turning your out-dated kitchen into a modern food producing juggernaut, with maximum utilizing of space and time.

Among the best and most efficient space savers you can get today are the new breed of combination ovens. They not only save lots of space but also come with the latest technology, allowing a more hands off approach towards cooking.

Focus On Elegance

These days, many caterers are choosing to equip their kitchens with products that offer durability while maintaining a look that is more elegant. The traditional kitchen is giving way to the smart, sleek and elegant.


The majority of modern kitchen equipment are today totally technology driven, playing a crucial role in the operations of commercial kitchens. These kinds of equipment are making the kitchens of today smarter through enhancing the quality, consistency and efficiency of food preparation. They are also helping chefs to upgrade some aspects of cuisine. Updating your commercial kitchen can turn to be one of the best and biggest investments you can ever make. With the abundance of choices that are available nowadays, it’s essential to establish the types of equipment that will bring the most benefit to your operation. If you want to learn more, you may find more information at Nella Cutlery.

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