Restaurant Paging; the End of Line Dining at Restaurant Lobbies

Most People love eating out. Many times in the past, restaurants have had diners wait for a table. A restaurant attendant would take your name and call your name when your table was ready. But various restaurants now use restaurant pagers. Restaurant Paging is a system used by restaurant hostess’ to receive guests as they record names while they are waiting for the next available table. When the pager eventually lights up or vibrates, it signals that your table is finally ready and you can hand over the pager back to the restaurant hostess, as you walk towards your table, ready for a quiet romantic evening with your loved one.

A pager is a radio that regularly listens to a single radio call from its transmitter. The radio transmitter relays signals over a precise frequency to all pagers for that network through a fixed receiver tuned to the similar frequency.

Primary Pager types:

The Beeper Pager – This is the simplest paging device, it provides a simple alert to the user. The original edition of pagers made a beeping sound hence the name-beeper. Modern pagers vary in the audio signal, either using audio sounds or lighting up while others vibrate. Most of them emit a combination of audio signals. Most restaurant paging systems use this kind.
Voice/Tone pagers – These pagers use a recorded voice message to alert the recipient of the message.
Numeric Pagers – These pagers send digital messages, such as a telephone number, along with the restaurant paging signal.
Alphanumeric – These pagers send text messages along with the pager alert.
Two-way – These pagers send and receive messages simultaneously.
On-site paging systems like the restaurant ones use a small transmitter.

Restaurant Pagers

To operate on-site restaurant paging requires a master transmitter. The transmitter sends out signals listened to by the pager tuned into that transmitter. The exact frequency used by the primary transmitter varies between transmitter model types and manufacturers. Coverage range area ranges from a hundred feet to several miles, depending on the power transmitter.

To page a client, the restaurant hostess enters a numerical code for the pager to the master transmitter. The host selects an option, based on the particular need such as a code for “table is ready” or “lost pager.”

Master transmitters typically display the last number of pagers contacted. A popular option is to connect the primary transmitter to the restaurant telephone system. It allows a restaurant staff to set off a pager from any handset in the system. The pagers run on rechargeable batteries.

The next time you’re asked to wait in line for the next available table at a restaurant, a hostess should hand you a pager to alert you. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the restaurant’s ambiance and excellent music as you relish their choice of wines and cocktails. Born Appetite!

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